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Award-winning platforms and tools custom-built for the Creator Economy



Leading Brands and Agencies

Since 2006

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Comprehensive Influencer Marketing Platform

Find influencers, manage contracts, negotiate with creators, send payments, track performance and more without any creator markups. Plans start at just $130 per month.

The Creator Marketplace®

Marketers and influencers find each other to collaborate through The Creator Marketplace’s Casting Calls and creator listings.

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The best of AI. Custom-built for influencer marketing.

Create and edit beautiful images, train AI models on your own likeness, and generate persuasive copy for Instagram posts, TikTok captions, blog posts, product reviews—and everything in between—in seconds.

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The Advocate Marketing Platform

Transform your most passionate customers into an army of influencers, creating content, driving reviews, referrals, and measurable sales results.

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Self-Serve Solutions for the Creator Economy

IZEA leads the charge in influencer marketing, providing cutting-edge tools designed for brands and agencies, no matter their size.

Ready to win in the creator economy? Request a consultation today and discover how our self-serve platforms and tools can drive measurable returns on your investment.


Pitch Brands with Casting Calls, create Listings, use FormAI – all from your iPhone.